Corporal Coral

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If you like this character I hope you will check out my site a artisticrage.wordpress.com and you can email me at ernstryan1@gmail.com if you need to get a hold of me. My first turn around of a my own character. My friends have lovingly named him Corporal Coral Fish…. Yes very cliche but I kind of like it. As a character Corporal here is a mix between an angler fish, an eel, and a soldier. His skin acts as camo for him when he is near a reef and he acts a ambush predator, he can sit perfectly still on a reef and wait for his pray and be almost completely invisible. The bottom part of the character is not actually a part of him, its a just a podium I whipped up very roughly to show how his skin works with the same colors as the reef.

No time-lapse because the painting was done in many sessions and took me 27 hours. Actually you should see dA for more information: elstalky.deviantart.com — Music: Alec Holowka; Ian Holowka – Sunken City (From the original soundtrack of “Aquaria”; Buy it here: infiniteammo.bandcamp.com )
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