Angler Fish Facts

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Angler Fish Facts: Some Fun Stuff to Know About the Deep Sea Monsters

Otherwise known as deep sea monsters because of the way they look and what part of the sea or the ocean it is they deem their habitat, the angler fish is quite an interesting species of fish. More so because of the way they look, the way their skeletons function and do things for them, and especially with the way they mate. Thus, presented here are some angler fish facts that you should know about this particular monster-like fish. These are fun deep sea angler fish facts so you should enjoy knowing these things about these scary deep sea creatures.

  • These sea creatures, however scary they may look, are quite small. You wouldn’t have thought that such monsters of not more than 5 inches, roughly 12 centimeters, are deemed deep sea monsters. The males of the species are even smaller than those of the females.
  • This fish is unable to swim fast because of the wide body that it sports. Instead of zooming around the deep part of seas and oceans, one of many angler fish facts you should know is that they actually seem like they wobble in their natural habitat.
  • You would distinguish an angler fish from other fishes because it has some substance that can make them glow underwater. This is something that not a lot of fishe and other such sea creatures have. One of many angler fish facts you ought to know is that this actually is used by them to lure prey to them. The next time you are diving, then, and you are in the deeper part of the sea on doing so, swim away when you see an angler fish around lest you want to touch a part of them that can be just as potent a killer to other fishes aside from those of their kind.
  • The angler fish’s spine or its skeletal system is so fine that because of this, it is also deemed a flexible kind of skeletal system. Their flexibility of the bones of their skeletal system actually allows them to eat prey that is two or more times their size. Astonishing to know, isn’t it?
  • The angler fish mating process is also quite different from those of other fishes. The males of this kind of fish actually have their digestive systems degenerate when they mature. Thus, they need the females of their kind to survive. In order to feed, the males latch themselves onto a female and then use their joined blood vessels to feed and eventually, to procreate. This is a feat unseen in a lot of fish species considering most of them are asexual.

Now, there are more angler fish facts you should know but these are some of the more popular ones that are, at the moment, still being studied by scientists or marine biologists and the likes who are actually interested in the way the angler fish survives in the deeper parts of the sea and the ocean. Those parts are cold and desolate that no one else but this fish and perhaps some other unknown sea creatures can survive in. 

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